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Serious conversations we’re having right now…

My toddler, 22 months today, has started a habit of throwing his food on the floor. We will serve it and he’ll just pick it up and toss it. It can get pretty frustrating. Any recommendations dads?


The last 2 weeks or so, M has been pretty inconsolable the first 10 minutes after waking up. His Mom and I try to stay pretty calm to relax him but he just gets triggered by everything (changing diaper, putting on clothes, brushing teeth, putting on socks/shoes, told he’s going to school, etc). Everything! Anybody else experienced a crabby toddler right after they wake up? Any advice on how to handle it better?


Next week we’re taking our five little ones on (mostly) their first flight. Short trip down to Atlanta to visit the big aquarium and then back. Any ideas on keeping the kids mostly quiet and non-disruptive on the two hour flight?


Fun conversations we’re having right now…

Serious question: how much Masters coverage is too much for an 18-month old? Or is there such a thing as “too much Masters coverage”?


Picture day was today. Not one fuck (or smile) was given.